About 1-Call Contractors Phoenix AZ

1 Call Contractors and its founders have deep roots in the construction industry, dating back decades. Since then, the principle owner has dedicated himself and his business practices to the personal interests of the consumer.

When 1 Call Contractors was opened, it was with integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction in mind. Over the years, 1 Call Contractors has grown into a business that upholds traditional values and continually exceeds the expectations of the client. Our contractors are both innovators and leaders of the industry, who we hold to the highest of standards.

According to 1 Call Contractors, doing business means making sure to finish the job on time, the first time, and on budget. We achieve these three important points of construction without sacrificing quality and strive to improve direct communication with clients, maintain presence of the jobsite every day, control our schedules, and use the finest and most cost-effective materials available within budget constraints. We take great pride in our work, and expect the same level of quality and care from our trusted sub-contractors.

What sets 1 Call Contractors apart from other contracting companies is the fact that we took a hands-on approach and own the most important businesses that will perform the work. This means that not only will you be working with experts in their line of work, but also schedules will be tighter and easier to manage, and all companies will have direct communication and greater efficiency as a result. If you require a job done that one of our owned companies doesn't perform, we have a reference network of the best bonded and licensed subcontractors whom we have worked with for several years. This gives you the assurance that we take great care to hire only those subcontractors who we trust and value.

If you have a job in mind within the fields of construction, remodeling, additions, or anything else that relates to commercial or residential construction, give 1 Call Contractors a call today at (480) 266-4185

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